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What is a cloud server?
A simple cloud server definition is cloud servers are virtual (not physical) servers running in a cloud computing environment that can be accessed on demand by unlimited users.

Cloud servers work just like physical servers and they perform similar functions like storing data and running applications. Because cloud services are hosted by third-party providers, they deliver computing resources over a network, most often through the internet.

Cloud servers are created by using virtualization software (known as a hypervisor) to divide physical servers into multiple virtual servers. A hypervisor abstracts the server's processing power and pools them together, creating virtual servers.

How do cloud servers work?
Now that you know what a cloud server is, let's look at how they work. Servers on the cloud function just like traditional servers, but with one key difference—they can be located virtually anywhere since they're accessed remotely. By contrast, traditional or dedicated servers typically are hosted on-site and can only be accessed by users at that location.

Also, unlike dedicated servers, cloud servers allow for the sharing of memory and processing power across linked (virtual) servers. Given their access to server space, cloud servers can be used to power every type of cloud computing delivery model, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud data servers also have all the software they need to run built in, so there's no need to worry about upgrades.

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